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Why There’s So Much Hype About Career in Business Development?

Imagine. If you were given a billion dollars today, how do you spend it? Let’s say, growing your own business is one of the plans, then you may want to go in the business development hot seat.

Business Development is one of the most wanted careers nowadays. Some say this job is the lifeblood of a great company. Though its title is pretty clear, people might still ask “what’s that?”

So, what does a Business Development Associate do?

Business development is a good mix of sales, marketing, and customer engagement. You’ll be identifying new sales leads, pitching products and/or services, also maintaining fruitful relationships with existing customers.

And yes, it’s not easy. Plenty of challenges will happen in your job. But, you will grow and develop as a person.

Networking is a crucial stepping-stone.

As a Business Development Associate, you will mainly focus on developing strategies to build new client relationships while maintaining existing ones. Forbes Contributor, Scott Pollack, says “Relationships with partners, customers, employees, the press, etc. are all critical to the success of any business development effort and as such they demand a bold-faced spot in any comprehensive definition of the term”.

There will be a number of opportunities to attend exciting events being offered to you. Yet, you need to be strategic about your networking endeavors.

Always remember, “you’ll never walk alone”.

It’s true, you will act as the Navy captain and take care of everything. But, don’t be too selfish. This is not only about “you” and “your idea” — business development is a team effort. It’s a team game. You’re hired to help increase growth and sales for the company. And to do that, you need a strong support system in place.

As a business development associate, you’ll work with departments that would be impacted by the implementation of your strategy including sales, marketing, data analyst, IT to engineering. Which means you will be exposed to new ideas and perspectives to increase the chance of that Eureka moment.

Though typically bachelors degrees (or higher) in business management, accounting, or a related field is necessary, you can use any sales or marketing experience to get into the field of business development. Give it a go?

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