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Want to be a Marketer? It’s Time to Prepare for One!

There’s no surprise that you’ll always find companies looking for a marketer – it’s one of the most in-demand jobs today (and surely for the next decade). Every company from startups to corporates, all use marketing as the most efficient methods of growing their business.

And if you’re looking for a career that is challenging, rewarding and, most importantly, far from boring stuff – marketing is definitely the answer.

As a marketer, you’ll engage in a wide variety of job duties including research, edit copies, prepare marketing collaterals, or follow industry trends. And let me tell you it’s not easy because finding new, original solutions to marketing needs is a constant part of your job. The funny thing is, you can’t hide – marketing is everywhere…

So, how to kick start your marketing career?

First thing first; you don’t need a marketing degree to be a marketer

If you have top-notch communication & writing skills, and are good at keeping up with the latest trends – marketing can be your first career option. And, you don’t need that marketing or business degree to break into this industry. Leave that degree at the door, marketing is not limited to just theories – what you have to know is how to execute them.

In marketing, practice, without a doubt, makes perfect. Bring your resume to a new level with some related experience. And yes, take that internship opportunity even if it’s low paid. Your knowledge and experience in this field matters (even if you want a career switch in the future!).

Data mining is your thing

At some point, it’s tempting to come up with jargons, or to refer to popular names, while talking to your prospect. But, if people don’t understand what you’re trying to communicate, then it’s not effective. It’s useless.

And it’s true, creativity is a part of marketing, but data is the king of all. Marketing without data is like walking with no purpose. Katy Perry says it best in her song, when you “stand for nothing, [you] fell for everything”.

Essentially, an important part of marketing is about connecting the dots. You might help companies with collecting data on customer demographics, forecasting marketing and sales trends, assessing the satisfaction of employees and customers, and finding and implementing advertising needs.

And after all that, you have to figure out “what’s next?”

This is definitely a challenging task, yet it’s good for your brain. Suppose you want to build your own empire in the near future, you need to master this art of excavating data!

Remember, you’re selling

Marketing jobs with no selling required? Well, think again. At its core, marketing plays a key role in driving sales revenue as well. So, don’t be mad if people often mistaken your marketing as a sales career, you are salespeople, too. The difference is you do selling in a indirect way, you sell the vision & mission instead of direct prospecting.

So, as an aspiring marketer, what’s industries that perfect for you? You name it – the good news is there is always be companies out there looking to hire you.

This post originally appeared on Glints. Glints bridges the gap between education & employment by being a platform for young professional focused on career discovery and development.

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