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Category: Career Paths

A collection of my opinions, ideas, research (and more) on the topic of career. This is truly guide you need in exploring career paths.

Discovering the Path to Become a Digital Marketer

“We all can agree that Facebook, Instagram, Twitter are three of the most popular digital marketing channels today. But, if someone told you that you should be a digital marketer because of your ability to use those social media platforms. Don’t believe them.

Read on to get to know more about digital marketer – one of the most wanted careers in today’s highly competitive job market.

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Why There’s So Much Hype About Career in Business Development?

Imagine. If you were given a billion dollars today, how do you spend it? Let’s say, growing your own business is one of the plans, then you may want to go in the business development hot seat.

Business Development is one of the most wanted careers nowadays. Some say this job is the lifeblood of a great company. Though its title is pretty clear, people might still ask “what’s that?”

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Want to be a Marketer? It’s Time to Prepare for One!

There’s no surprise that you’ll always find companies looking for a marketer – it’s one of the most in-demand jobs today (and surely for the next decade). Every company from startups to corporates, all use marketing as the most efficient methods of growing their business.

And if you’re looking for a career that is challenging, rewarding and, most importantly, far from boring stuff – marketing is definitely the answer.

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