Job Security is a Myth. Why You Need to Get Out of Your Comfort Zone and Take the ‘Roller Coaster Ride’

Over the past two years, I’ve seen a lot of people quit — or want to leave — their job for this one common reason: “I want a job security, a stable career at a reputable company, and great benefits”. Of course, everyone wants to feel secure about their future and they want to get all the best benefits & perks from their employers. I won’t lie, I used to have this idea in my mind, too. But guess what? I’ve got it all wrong.

In fact, job security is a complete myth these days and you have to fight for the ‘job stability’ you dream about.

It’s true, no one wants to take a job where there’s a big possibility that they can get fired the next day. Among other reasons, it can be either because we’re not performing well or the company at its lowest level. But, here’s the truth: great career, they are hard to come by, if we don’t provide any significant value. After all, employers are not our parents who can easily forgive our mistakes and have the patience to wait for us to transform from zero to hero.

Just as we demand great perks & benefits, almost every employer most likely will ask us back “then what are the things you’d like to contribute to the company?”. They want value, a give back. Some of them might not bluntly ask you this in the first interview or in the first day of your job, simply because they need you as an extra manpower. But the thing is you have to be ready to stand on your own. So when bad things happen, either to you or your employer, you can easily get up and set another great start.

Today, job security is no longer about starting a career at corporate versus startup company anymore. In today’s competitive & crowded job market, you have to learn how to be comfortable with the uncertainty. The secret to survive is that you need to find ways on how to bring more value to the team so that everyone wants you to be their companion. Not only as an executor but as someone to share ideas with.

No one likes being ignored, anyway. So you have to find out ways to create your own job stability. Prove them that you’re an irreplaceable employee. To reach that stage, you need to get out of your comfort zone and take the roller coaster ride — learn to be comfortable with all the changes and uncertainties.

Adaptability and your willingness to change is the key 😉

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