When we talk about leadership, vulnerability seems to be one of traits that we are hardly talk about. Does every
About a month ago, a friend of mine told me that people gave her a funny look for saying that
At some point in our life, we all have one of those days where it seems nothing goes right --
There’s an elusive idea that “climbing up the corporate ladder” is the sign of career path advancement and personal development.
As software engineers are in high demand, people often ask “How to get a job in software engineering? Can I
"We all can agree that Facebook, Instagram, Twitter are three of the most popular digital marketing channels today. But, if
You’re inspired to become a fashion designer after you watch The Project Runway. Maybe you’ve been dreaming of launching your
With a lot of employers looking for graphic designers today, the thought of being a professional graphic designer struck you. Playing
We all can agree different businesses has different needs. But, think about this. There are two startups with the same
“I have Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat accounts”, or “I’m an active social media user”. Do you want to become