Build a Career in the Fashion Industry

You’re inspired to become a fashion designer after you watch The Project Runway. Maybe you’ve been dreaming of launching your clothing line in the New York Fashion Week, or perhaps you’re just so obsessed with fashion & clothes and want to become a professional fashion blogger. Either way, there’s one thing that stops you to get into the industry: You don’t know where to start.

This industry is very grandiose that it makes you feel intimidating. But once you know better, you’ll learn quickly that the fashion industry isn’t always glamorous.

Sleepless nights, stiff competitions, never ending to-do lists but still explore the life of designers and see your name in magazines that you adore remains as your biggest dream. If this is true, read on for our guide to getting your dream job in the fashion industry!

Degree in fashion, does it still matter?

That said, not all designers go to fashion schools. Even industry icons like Ralph Lauren and Steve Madden didn’t attend any college. However, studying fashion at a university will give you the chance to develop your skills and build a network with budding designers. And it’s no secret; the fashion industry relies on networking and cliques. If you’re put off by the fees at university, you can sign up for foundation courses in fashion designing to learn more about pattern making, clothing construction, textiles, and even on how to use computer-aided design (CAD) programs. You need to learn from the best if you want to get the best lesson.

How to build an unforgettable brand?

As an aspiring designer or even blogger, you need to pay attention to your brand. Regardless of the skills that you have, if you’re not aware of the importance of branding, then you’ll be ignored. Focus and stick to one particular style; it can be colors, theme, fabrics, etc. Your brand needs to be so unique they can’t ignore you. The actionable thing you can do by today is by creating a fashion blog. Remember, you need to be clear about what makes your brand stand out from the crowd.

What does a day in the life of a fashion designer entail?

Whether you choose to specialize in clothing, accessory or jewelry design, your day will not be limited only to sketching and production. You’ll usually spend your day checking on phone and email messages, meeting clients, and involved in every phase of designing. It can be quite busy and challenging, but a day in the life of a designer is never dull.

Now that you have all the essential information about getting into the fashion industry, the question is, how much effort you want to put through to make it big. Remember, getting a foot in the door of this industry requires hard work. And the results will come if you put in your best effort.

For that reason, finding internship, project-based or volunteer opportunities should be on top of your list right now.

P.s. This post originally appeared on the Glints Singapore website (as a basic guide for fashion career) and has been updated here for comprehensiveness.

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