Intan here. I’m a professional recruitment consultant with experience in hiring, employer branding, and talent management. As of today, I’ve been in the recruitment industry for close to 5 years and still counting!

I started my career as a copywriter in 2016 and dived into talent manager/recruiter role in 2017, and recently what I do is more leaning towards managing (sales a.k.a recruiters) team + doing business development & account management. And yes, on a daily basis I spend hours talking with people over the phones either sharing job opportunities and simply networking.

I can say writing is in my bones, yet I believe that recruitment industry allows me to have a lasting positive impact (plus, it’s a rewarding career!). So why not doing both?

I’m in between of ENFJ and INFJ-T, the most extrovert of an introvert (they say), and a people-person who obsess about creating meaningful life and make a significance.

Other than writing & hunting for great talent, I’ve also got a good eye for form and colour. At my core, I enjoy spending my time reading articles and books on a wide range of topics, from the trends in human behaviour, content marketing, feminism, leadership, to HR & recruitment industry.

I’m also part of Indonesian Translator for TED Talks and once in a while take translation jobs, too.

And lastly, probably none of this interests you. But I’m fond of literature, too. In fact, I received my Bachelor’s degree in English literature studies in late 2015 and got a love-hate relationship with writing ever since.

If you really want to know about it, my favourite writers thus far are Donna Tartt, J.D Salinger, and Haruki Murakami. I’m also a fan of Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events. Feel free to recommend me some (good) books, and if you’d like to take a look at my digital bookshelf — go visit my Goodreads.

Email me at intanruziana@gmail.com.